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Thank you Joyce Wong AKA KinkyBlueFairy for such a beautiful blog on your experience with our facilities.

For those who have not heard about her..she was the MSN Top 10 Young Malaysians (2011); one of five finalists for Best Lifestyle Blog at the Asia Pacific NAPBAS Awards; Cleo Young Achiever Awards (2010) and the list goes on.

In my early 20s, i had the absolute “live fast, die young” mentality. Life ahead of me seemed really long and stretched out, with having to worry about dying in 50-70 years’ time too far away to consider pondering.

Cue mid-30s. Conversations with close friends sometimes touch on our medical check-ups, where we go, what kind of tests we undergo, cost, and new habits we undertake to be healthier. As you get older, the occurrence of friends suddenly passing away increase… and it hits you, hard. Heart attacks, strokes, cancer cases…

We’re the ones still here on earth, still alive, still able to take certain steps or precautions to extend our livelihood. Sure, God takes us when She wants, but i feel there are human actions we can partake in to take care of ourselves too.

Throughout the past 6 months, i’ve been sporadically stepping into V Wellness for some health scans, mostly because i hadn’t committed myself to checking how my body is doing… and it was time to give myself peace of mind that all was fine!

The fact that we have so many services, technologies + information at our fingertips to dive into the knowledge of our physical well-being gives us no excuse to turn a blind eye to our personal health (which, i know, many people do. It’s like they’re on some mission to avoid the doctors at all cost, but the irony is that by letting sleeping dogs lie, those issues could quietly grow till it’s too late.)

The wellness centre spans across a few fancy floors and i got a little confused walking around cos it’s so large and i only visited a few times (and would blindly follow Rabten or the nurse wherever i had to go next).

Before I started on a range of tests (each of which were individually suggested, to which i’d agree to take), i sat in a lounge area and went through a questionnaire with a nurse, that spanned a few pages long. Most of them revolved around my past medical history (nothing spectacular save for many stitches for being a tomboy) and lifestyle habits like how often i drink alcohol. There was a moment that sticks out in my memory

Nurse: What drugs have you taken?
Me: What… kinda… drugs… are you referring to? Recreational drugs?
Nurse: Yes *gestures tip of pen at empty space under question*
Me: Like, in the past few months? *thinking oh, no big deal, just some spliffs*
Nurse: *stares at me confusedly*
Me: *i stare back and it dawns on me* Oh! You mean, like… ever?! *stares off into space as experimental mid-20s phase flashes through mind*
Nurse: *poised with pen in hand*
Me: I think it’d be easier if you wrote what i didn’t take!

Never lie to your medics right? :p

The first test i did was a Bio Resonance Scan. Manufactured in Germany and used by Russian Cosmonauts to evaluate their health before a space mission; the Bio Resonance Scanner uses the principles of Quantum Physics technology to measure the frequency of individual body’s cells. Totes my jam. All matter consists of atoms that should be vibrating at specific optimum frequencies, and this machine uses electromagnetic wave signals of extremely low intensity to scan the biofield around the brain and nervous network via specially designed headphones.

I removed all my jewellery and metallic objects before just having to sit there for around 15 minutes, watching a screen in front of me showing the live scans of various parts of my brain, bones, organs, tissue, etc., one after another – in swift motion. It was fascinating!

Different coloured icons would pop up showing the energy levels of all the cells whichever part it was scanning – yellow exemplified optimum levels, pink/red meant average, and brown/black meant they were weak or in a compromised position.

Basically you’d want to see LOTS of yellow as the images flash by.


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