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Dato Dr. Nick

Doctor of Chiropratic

Dato’ Nick Boden, Doctor of Chiropractic is a chiropractor specialising in treating musculoskeletal disorders and spine conditions. Dato Dr Nick is currently practising at level 11 under Zell V Wellness. His practice interests include sports injury, spine and joint complexities and subluxations through chiropractic. Prior to chiropractic, Dato’ Nick has had his own brush in navigating the complex aspects of health and wellness. Hence, he also specializes in the treatment of male erectile dysfunction conducted through the non-invasive shockwave sound pulse.

Dato’ Nick originally from South Africa, has spent the last 15 years in Malaysia establishing chiropractic and physiotherapy centres in Malaysia. Prior to Malaysia he has had the privilege and spent 5 years working for the South African National Sports Teams that led them to participate in the Athens Olympics in 2004. As a healthcare consultant, he has extensive experience in the care of spine and joint. He pioneered the concept of Integrated Physical Medicine throughout South East Asia labeled under the Spine and Joint brand, and has since continuously grew in this sphere.

Dato’ Nick has had a lifelong interest in education. He is inclined towards new innovative technology and are always forging new grounds in healthcare, harnessing latest non-invasive methods in his approach to better serve the people of South East Asia. His approach to chiropractic as a provider, innovator and educator are reflected in his commitments. He has help published many articles on chiropractic care and has been invited to present at multiple regional and national healthcare conferences. He is an active member of the Malaysian Board of Chiropractic Association of Malaysia.


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