Diabetes Management Therapy


The fourth but most important step is to rejuvenate your cells so that your organs can achieve optimum function and health.

What is diabetes?

There are three main types of diabetes:
  • Type 1 diabetes – Your body does not make insulin. This is a problem because you need insulin to take the sugar (glucose) from the foods you eat and turn it into energy for your body. You need to take insulin every day to live.
  • Type 2 diabetes – Your body does not make or use insulin well. You may need to take pills or insulin to help control your diabetes. Type 2 is the most common type of diabetes.
  • Gestational (jest-TAY-shun-al) diabetes – Some women get this kind of diabetes when they are pregnant. Most of the time, it goes away after the baby is born. But even if it goes away, these women and their children have a greater chance of getting diabetes later in life.

Diabetes Management Therapy

Keeping your blood sugar levels within the range recommended by your doctor can be challenging. That's because many things make your blood sugar levels change, sometimes unexpectedly. Following are some factors that can affect your blood sugar levels such as Food, Exercise, Medication, Illness, Alcohol and Many more

Integrative Approach to Managing Diabetic At V Wellness includes

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a strong antioxidant which improves glucose uptake and prevents glycosylation, a process in the body where sugars are inappropriately hooked onto proteins and fats.

Essential Fatty Acids can protect against the nerve and blood vessel damage from diabetes by increasing insulin secretion and lowering cholesterol levels.

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that improves insulin resistance and reduces free radical tissue damage. It is important for healthy immunity and wound healing.

EECP help exchange of stagnant circulation, reduce edema of the lower limbs and increase the supply of Oxygenated Blood to the Pancreas

Nutritional medicine helps optimum chemical processes in every single cell. (There are estimated 6,000 chemical processes per second in a single cell with nucleus). Cells require optimum nutrition for metabolism, NOT minimum nutrition.

Hyperbaric Oxygen, by infusing more oxygen into your body the functionality of the pancreas at its optimal stage and thus able to manage your numbers efficiently

The S.P.A. Diabetes Management Therapy - Rejuvenation of the entire system that involves proper sugar management. Benefits and effectiveness of the therapy. Breaks down glucose into energy. Improves blood circulation, Improves cardiovascular disease. Restores kidney, eye damage and skin foot problems caused by diabetes. Controls blood sugar better without the dependence on medication

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