Message from the Medical Director

V Wellness is a standalone Integrative Wellness Centre using Swiss and German approaches . We combine the best of both worlds by bridging the latest and safest (radiation free) proprietary technology with advances in natural medicine.

With the growing number of chronic diseases due to lifestyle all over the world, we believe that V Wellness is well positioned to meet the challenges ahead. Our approach to wellness involves preventive approaches to health through early diagnosis and holistic therapies as well as partnerships with our clients through education on lifestyle modification and integrative nutrition .

We believe that you are responsible for your own health and with our guidance , ways prevent of sickness and achieve optimum health for a better and healthier life.

Today, we have clientele from all over Malaysia, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, China and Middle East. They attracted by word of-mouth to the facility's and team's capabilities and compassionate approach to client care.

Join us in our journey as we shape healthcare to new heights for a better tomorrow

Thank you

Director Profile

"Always 25."

Founder & Managing Director of Ruyi Group of companies
2013- Awarded Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (DIMP) by DYMM Sultan Pahang

Personal Achievements & Company Achievements

  • Sin Chew Business Excellence Award in Product and Service Quality 2013
  • Asia Pacific Brands Award 2013
  • Top Beauty & Wellness (Product) Suppliers In Singapore, 2012/2013
  • Entrepreneur award by Total Business Advisory 2009
  • Honorable speaker in “The New Era of Revenue Model Forum” 2012
  • Top Beauty & Wellness Products Supplies, Singapore, 2012
  • Excellence Customer Service Award, Malaysia 2012
  • Singapore Brands Award, 2011
  • Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand 2009/2010
  • Best Booth Award, WHAT Medicine 2009

Professional Affiliations
Member of Malaysia Retail Chain Association, Commission Director of BSE Alumni Club

Contribution to Community

  • Yearly sponsor for the funding of Yayasan Latihan Insan Istimewa Ipoh, Perak
  • Sponsor for the children of World Vision
  • Monthly Sponsor to IQ70PLUS the electricity and water supply
  • Yearly sponsor for the funding of SJK(C) Chin Woo, Petaling Jaya
  • Core Sponsor in The Power of Love Charity Night, 2011

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