After your cells, tissue and organs are cleansed and purified, your body kick-starts its own repair process to help heal and regain proper condition and function.



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Benefits of EECP

When arteries become blocked with plaque, there is obstruction of blood flow which leads to chest discomfort and possible heart attack or stroke. The body´s natural defense is to develop new blood vessels in a process called angiogenesis. Growth of these new collaterals is also prompted during EECP; blood circulates and naturally bypasses blocked arteries.

EECP helps grow new collaterals for blood to flow, like a natural bypass around blocked arteries.

  • Increases blood flow. EECP acts like a second heart and improves circulation of oxygenated blood throughout the arterial system and organs of the body when the heart is at rest. The sheer force of reversed (from legs to heart), oxygenated blood flow increases, and important hormones, gases and cells are secreted within the entire arterial system.
  • High blood pressure. In people with high blood pressure, the arterial walls are constricted and stiff due to unhealthy function of the endothelium. EECP reverses arterial stiffness and helps normalize high blood pressure with secretion of nitric oxide which promotes dilation of the arterial walls.
  • Nitric oxide contributes to dilation (widening) of the artery wall to increase blood flow throughout the body and all organs. This mechanism helps make arteries soft and elastic which helps increase circulation, reduce high blood pressure, and improve the effects of coronary artery disease. With the increased flow of oxygen-rich blood circulating throughout the body, the heart and all other organs functionally improve.
  • Regeneration is prompted during EECP which helps the growth of circulating stem cells in the endothelium (lining of the artery). This contributes to improved blood circulation and the regeneration of organs throughout the body.
    • During EECP, progenitor cells and hematopoietic cells are dislodged from arterial walls and enter circulation. The new circulating stem cells replace old cells and repair damaged tissue while promoting regeneration of the arterial system and organs throughout the body.
    • EECP promotes an increase in progenitor cells which help repair and rejuvenate the endothelium and diseased (ischemic) tissue in the body’s organs.
    • Increasing circulating stem cells is a component of regenerative therapy. Circulating stem cells restore, repair, recover and regenerate damaged tissue in the heart and all other organs.
  • Circulation. EECP improves circulation of blood flow throughout the body and within the organs providing more oxygen-rich blood that contributes to an improved circulatory system. With open pathways for blood to flow due to angiogenesis, secretion of VEGF, nitric oxide and progenitor stem cells, the body’s organs regenerate.
  • Decreases angina pectoris (chest pain). During EECP treatment, new collaterals form for oxygenated blood to flow throughout the arterial system. At the same time, hormones are secreted that help dilate/open arteries for blood to circulate. As a result, numerous clinical research studies exist proving EECP helps decrease the symptoms of angina pectoris.
  • Reduces high blood pressure/hypertension. For people suffering from high blood pressure, EECP helps normalize hypertension levels by influencing endothelial function and promoting hormone secretion that contribute to arterial health.
  • Improves endothelial function (lining of the body’s arteries) and reduces arterial stiffness that leads to high blood pressure. When blood pressure levels elevate, people get “hardening of the arteries.” Performance within the lining of the arteries (endothelium) also improves. Due to the squeezing mechanism of EECP, velocity of circulated blood within the arteries improves secretion of molecules which helps positively affect arterial suppleness and elasticity.
  • Improves heart failure. EECP is approved to treat people with congestive heart failure. As an end-stage cardiovascular disease, heart failure has no cure and is a burden on society with its high cost of treatment.
  • Has long-term sustained effects. EECP research proves that people who receive the treatment have long-term (up to seven years) positive improvement in their symptoms of cardiovascular disease.
  • Enhanced stamina, endurance and more restful sleep. During clinical studies, patients respond with anecdotal comments that their energy has improved along with increased stamina and exercise endurance. In addition, many patients speak about improvement in quality of sleep.

What happens during your first visit at V WELLNESS EECP ANGIO?


The orientation is designed to give our clients the chance to experience exactly what treatments will be like. There will be an orientation to the room, a full explanation of the treatment sessions, education about the treatment process, and a 15-minute trial of the ECP machine in operation. Any questions about the treatment will also be addressed at this time. The first official treatment session will begin the next day at a specified time

Consultant & Nursing assessment

In V Wellness, our consultants will do a review of medical history, contraindications to treatment and clearing the individual for treatment. During this assessment they will be given an angina diary which will be used to record frequency and duration of chest pain episodes. During the nursing assessment, the individual will receive comprehensive information about EECP treatment and procedures and will complete several questionnaires to assess severity of your heart health.

More questions about our EECP ANGIO?

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