Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

So you can get a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) in Malaysia to determine what your mineral levels are and what metal toxicities you might have accumulated by most reputable clinical lab in the US.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis also known as HTMA, enables us to find out if we have any heavy metals poisoning such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic inside our body, which could cause serious health issues ranging from

  • Headache and Skin problems
  • Compromised immune system
  • Easily tired and weakness
  • Inflammation etc.

In addition to this, it also provides a blueprint of the one’s biochemistry, information about your metabolic rate, energy levels, stress level, immune function and many more

Apart from that, HTMA can find out the mineral level as to whether it is deficient or in excess in our body which include potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium etc any imbalances could have a serious effect in long term

HTMA is totally PAINLESS & NON-INVASIVE! It only requires some amount of the hair and NO blood-withdrawing



Benefits of doing HTMA test

- Reveals and explains the underlying causes of your physical and mental issues

- Helps to eliminate excessive minerals and heavy metals

- Determine your body cells & organs function

- Focus on getting the right diet and nutrition plan

- Identify the causes of skin problem, such as eczema, psoriasis, scalding

- Boost your digestive system and better bowel movement

- Improved your brain function & performance such as concentration, sleep, focusing & etc

- Increase body energy level

- Stabilizing emotion to prevent mood swing & anxiety problems

- Non-Invasive

- Painless

- High accuracy

- Easy & fast sampling procedure

- Extra biochemistry info that couldn’t be found in blood test

- Easy-to-read test reports with customized dietary plan

25% discount on this test for individuals and 30% discount for more than 2 pax and above


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