Introduction to V-Wellness

V-Wellness is a holistic healthcare center that uses a combination of alternative treatment, natural healing methods, advanced cellular therapy and conventional medicine to tailor make treatment plans for the chronic diseases suffered by all who come to us. 

Classified as Complementary and alternative medicine in the European Union, widespread use of a combination of functional medicine practices and alternative medicine practices to treat chronic diseases is rising rapidly.A study showed that around 100million EU citizens regularly use it for addressing chronic conditions, which shows a growing trust in the practices. 

At V-Wellness, our program offerings are based on two pillars; Integrative Medicine Practice and Functional Medicine Practice. We specialize in merging them together to fulfill our promise of being a holistic healthcare center that won’t just treat your illness, but will help you live a healthy lifestyle. 

Functional Medicine Practice 

This is a patient centric approach to chronic diseases management. It takes the focus away from just treating a disease to forward thinking questions that are based on the ‘Why’ of the patient’s illness. Knowing the reason the patient is sick helps with forming a personalized treatment plan for the patient, leading to a more effective treatment style.

This makes it crucial to understand the patient’s medical history, so as to deduce the correct health status of the patient. Basically, in using the functional medicine practice, our aim is not just to treat you. Rather, our aim is to create a partnership geared towards solving your current health issues and putting in place systems to prevent occurrences of future ones. 

Integrative Medicine Practice

In using this medicine practice, our focus is also on your lifestyle choices and habits, as we believe bad lifestyle choices are often the root causes of chronic health challenges. The promotion of your wellbeing is paramount, so treating your body, soul and spirit is paramount. 

The 4 Stages of Total Wellness

Here at V-Wellness, we believe there are 4 stages that lead to total wellness. They are;

  1. Assessment
  2. Detoxification
  3. Boosting
  4. Rejuvenation


Understanding is key to a high level of performance. For this first stage, our main aim is to understand what the real condition of your body is from the inside out. Knowing this will immensely help us get to the root cause of whatever the issue might be. This would in turn help us understand how to tailor a healthcare plan that is just for you. The following are a list of some of the examinations and procedures we use to understand the true state of your bodily health;

  • Live Blood Analysis: This is a simple and quick test. It will help determine the levels of a variety of conditions through the use of Darkfield microscopy. These conditions include undigested fats and proteins, a tendency to develop atherosclerotic plaque and hyper-clotting disorders, etc.
  • Bio Resonance Scan: This scan aims to detect stress potentials or any imbalances in your body so it can be corrected. 

Other procedures are dried layer blood encryption, electrocardiogram, microcirculation analysis, etc.


The aim of this stage is to rid your body of the accumulated toxins that it gathers from day to day activities. These levels of these toxins would be higher in the case of a person with bad health choices, so this is a very important stage. The services we offer under this stage are as follows;

  • PTC Plaque Therapy: The Phosphatidylcholine therapy helps to remove fatty and hardened plaque from blood vessels, not to mention also aid reverse transport of cholesterol out of your body to leave you feeling lighter and better. The PTC plaque therapy helps to treat people with high cholesterol content in their bodies, chest pain, liver disease, etc.
  • Coffee Enema: This rectal insertion procedure helps to stimulate your liver to produce a lot of bile. The caffeine in the coffee acts as a very powerful detoxicant to be able to carry this out. 

Other services are liver detox and colon hydrotherapy. 


This is the stage of helping your body to kick start its own cleaning process to promote total wellness for you. In this stage, we help you with services designed to help your body heal and your organs regain their natural conditions. This will help them function more effectively. 

Some of the Boosting services we offer are;

  • L Complex Metabolic Treatment: This therapy is able to protect you against cancer, boost your immunity and reduce general body pain. The therapy is gotten from natural food sources and this makes the therapy very useful and a giant killer for metastatic disease. 
  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy: This method is a popular one as it is very non-invasive. It is a viable alternative to surgery and is used a lot in the sporting world. It is based on the use of radian and focused pressure waves to treat various musculoskeletal conditions, such as heel pain, Achilles tendinopathy and greater trochanteric pain syndrome, medial tibial stress syndrome, etc. 

Our other Boosting services are Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP), vitamin megadose.


Cell rejuvenation is perhaps the most important stage of these four steps to total wellness. It is the crowning stage of all the previous steps. The state is geared towards your organs achieving a very high level of effectiveness in their duties. Here at V-Wellness, we generally use Cell therapy to achieve our aim of rejuvenating your cells properly. 

The following are the services we offer as part of our Rejuvenation package;

  • Bone and Joint Care: We use the S.P.A. Articulation System Therapy to help repair your bones and joints and ensure you do not have pain there anymore. The therapy helps to improve overall skeletal care, amongst other benefits. 

Other Rejuvenation services we offer are sugar management, total skin revitalization, women health enhancement, anti ageing, men vitality programs and micro biology

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