The fourth but most important step is to rejuvenate your cells so that your organs can achieve optimum function and health.

Men Vitality Programme

In this busy and stressful modern world, men often power through the day making poor dietary and lifestyle choices. As a result, most men are having health problems at an increasingly younger age. They often experience symptoms such as tiredness, lethargy, moodiness, a low libido, lack of energy and low performance. In fact, loss of libido is a common problem which affects one in five men. Common causes include low testosterone level, a sedentary lifestyle, work stress and pressure, premature ageing, depression and relationship problems – factors that the modern man faces all too often.

The S.P.A. Libido System Therapy - Rejuvenates the male reproductive system for the improvement of sexual drive, desire and function. Benefits and effectiveness of the therapy:

Restores and improves libido

Improves sexual performance

Prolongs sexual performance

Improves vigor and vitality

Restores fertility of the reproductive system

Builds confidence and assurance


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