3D Foot SCAN

3D Feet custom made for you

3 Simple Steps

in getting you’re your customized orthotics produced


We will first scan your feet using 3D Optical Scanner. The scanner takes 2 seconds to scan the foot in very high definition. Approximately 10,000 measurements are taken of each foot to give a very accurate picture of their natural shape.


Using this data, we will then do some post-production whereby the degree of life for the arch and the back of the foot is decided on. We can even add height to one side of the foot to compensate people who may have a short leg on the one side.


Our advanced 3D Modeling Software then creates an orthotic shell which is then sent to our 3D printer for printing a process which takes 3hours to complete.

3D Feet custom made for you to:

3D Feet is made especially for:



It is very important to let your body gradually adapt to the custom foot orthotics. It’s recommended to wear your custom foot orthotics for only 2-3 hours in the 1st day. Thereafter you can increase the wearing time by 2 hours every day until it can be used all day. Avoid excessive initial use of your custom foot orthotics. During the break-in period, you may experience mild and isolated muscle discomfort in your feet, knee and lower back.


We recommend removing the orthotics from the shoes every two months and shaking out any dirt in the shoes. Wash your orthotics cover with lukewarm water and mild soap.

The life expectancy of the orthotics may vary from one to another individual, but it is recommended that the orthotics be replaced every 2 years.

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