The Only Approved Alternative Treatment For Your Heart

V Wellness EECP Treatment

Approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia & FDA

EECP ANGIO TREATMENT is the only approved clinical treatment for heart that is completely non drug and non invasive treatment approved by FDA and Ministry of Health Malaysia. We conduct this treatment under a clinical set up with doctors who has more than 20 plus years of experience and are active Members of International EECP Association global.

The treatment is for those who are looking for non drug approach to improve your heart function, if you are recommended by Hospital set ups to go for Bypass, angioplasty, or any heart surgery and you are seeking for alternative treatment then this Heart Treatment EECP is highly recommendable. EECP is also very good for preventive purposes

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Who Is Eligible for EECP ANGIO Treatment?

Individuals are eligible for treatment if they have:

Benefits of EECP ANGIO treatment or Natural Bypass?

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