Swiss and German Holistic Approach

Integrative Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, and Cell Therapy

Medical Support

Dr. Helmut Brammer

Medical Expert

President of the German Society for thymus Therapy
Founder of the German Medical Society for Chelation Therapy Medical Specialties

Medical Specialty:
Cellular Therapy, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Homeopathy

Dr. Ulrich Friedrichson

Medical Doctor and Researcher in Cellular Therapy and Gene Therapy

Medical Director and Owner of Praxis Hospital
Medical Specialty:
Cellular Therapy, Gene Therapy, Biochemistry, Preventive and Regenerative Medicine

International Accreditation, Quality Assurance and Excellence Awards

Dr. Ursula Jacob

Medical Specialist in General Medicine

Medical Director and Owner of Private Hospital Dr. Ursula Jacob GmbH
Medical Specialty:
Cellular Therapy, Tumor Therapy, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Haematology, Homeopathy

Dr. Albert Schmierer

Researcher in Cell Mitochondrial and Homeopathic Treatments

Owner & CEO of Dr. Zinsser Pharmaceuticals
Owner of Neckartor-Apotheke

Medical Specialty:
Cellular Therapy, Homeopathy, Pharmacology


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