The Immune System

The immune system is the body’s defence system against infection caused by pathogens and antigens. Antigens are any substances, living or nonliving that causes your body to produce antibodies against it to fight it off. According to this study, a strong, well working system must also be able to distinguish between self and nonself, when it comes to fighting microbes. 

Your immune system is made up of organs, cells and chemicals whose job it is to fight infection. The major parts of the immune system are white blood cells, the lymphatic system, the thymus, the spleen and the bone marrow. These major parts are responsible for fighting off infections. 

The Functions of the Immune System

The immune system is the body’s defender, similar to an antivirus program on a personal computer. Its aim is always to protect the body from non-body antigens, to the end of preserving the integrity of the body. The following are the functions of the immune system;

  1. The immune system fights against pathogens, which are disease causing microorganisms. They are usually bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. The immune system fights against them and also removes them from the body. 
  2. The immune system also recognizes and renders foreign and harmful substances in the body useless.
  3. It fights any changes that are not natural to the body, such as cancerous cells. 

How to Naturally Boost the Immune System

  1. Eat More Healthy Fats

Fat gets bad rap. But not all fats are unhealthy. There are healthy fats, like omega-3 fatty acids, etc. These healthy fats are usually found in salmon, olive oil, chia seeds, etc. These fats help boost your immunity naturally by reducing chronic inflammation, as it can weaken your immune system. 

  1. Exercise Regularly

Another notch on the exercise board. Exercise can also help contribute to general good health, including helping your immune system. Exercise generally helps your blood to circulate properly, and this helps cells and substances that make up your immune system work better and more effectively. 

  1. Take the L Complex Metabolic Treatment

The L Complex metabolic treatment helps in boosting your immune system naturally, and it is a service we offer here at V-Wellness. The treatment is gotten from natural food sources, and so it helps to get your immune system right up.  

EECP and Immune System 

EECP treatment is a noninvasive procedure that helps to stimulate blood perfusion to the heart and cerebral arteries. It also helps to boost your immunity, as it stimulates your lymphatic system and makes the immune cells available in every area of the body. 

This means immune cells are present wherever they are needed, and this will help you fight off diseases better.  

Our EECP treatment is administered to you with an EECP machine made in the US, assuring you of the best quality available. 

IV Drips

IV Drips are often used to hydrate the system and ensure that there’s plenty of fluids in your system to carry oxygen to your blood cells so they can keep functioning properly. Proper hydration also helps to get toxins out of your body before they can overwhelm your immune system. 

At V Wellness, we offer you an alkalizing drip designed to help balance your body’s pH. We use a carefully prepared infusion of sodium bicarbonate, glutathione, B Complex and Magnesium sulphate that will give you the benefits of alkaline rich foods. 

Colon Hydrotherapy

Here at V Wellness, we offer colon hydrotherapy as part of our detoxification services. Colon hydrotherapy is aimed at helping you flush out every impurity in your colon, such as fecal matter, etc. These impurities interfere with the normal functioning of your colon, and our colon hydrotherapy procedure will help you get them out. 

Vitamin D and the Immune System

Called the Sunshine Vitamin, Vitamin D is a very important vitamin for the body. Vitamin D is responsible for calcium homeostasis in the bone, which promotes proper bone health. 

A deficiency in the level of vitamin D in the body is linked to an increase in the occurrence of autoimmune diseases. Clinical studies have also shown that a deficiency on Vitamin D increases the chances of getting ill. 

Here at V Wellness, our L Complex metabolic treatment helps to supply amongst other useful vitamins, Vitamin D. The treatment also helps to boost your immune system. 

COVID-19 and the Immune System

COVID-19 needs no introduction. The pandemic has raged round the world for over a year now, with fatal results. A discussion that has come up has been the fact that some people were infected, while some weren’t. The scientific community’s interest in knowing the why of this situation has thrown up a lot of theories. The most credible ones are based on underlying health issues, the race of the people, and also the strength of their immune system. 

These three factors are very interlinked, yet the significance of a weakened immune system cannot be ignored. People who had   organ transplants done, or had conditions that weakened their immune systems were found to be much more prone to being infected with the virus. Conditions that are capable of weakening the immune system are cancer, diabetes, liver disease, stroke, etc.

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