The fourth but most important step is to rejuvenate your cells so that your organs can achieve optimum function and health.

Total Skin Revitalisation

Our skin is the biggest organ in our body, and the first line of defense against external aggressors. As such, it is easily affected by negative factors such as imbalanced diet, stress, late nights, environmental pollution, unsuitable use of skincare products, resulting in premature aging and various skin problems alike dark sports, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, pigmentation, acne and dry skin.

The S.P.A. Total Skin System Therapy rejuvenates and regenerates the skin system for younger, youthful and more beautiful skin. Benefits and effectiveness of the therapy:

Anti-aging treatment

Skin complications

Treats burns and scalding

Increases collagen production

Restores proper skin color

Lightens pigmentation

Relieves wrinkles and fine lines

Reduces scars and keloids

Suppresses skin immune complications


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