V Wellness

The Swiss and German Holistic Approach for Prevention and Rejuvenation

V-Wellness Rejuvenation Programme Rejuvenation Programme 4D3N

Day 1

Meet up with V Wellness Medical Team to discuss your individualized treatment programme and daily schedule.

Day 2

Health and Wellness Talk.

One to One health consultation.

Assessment Test with: Comprehensive Blood Screening (overnight fasting), Bio Resonance Analysis, Dried Layer Blood Encryption, Microcirculation.

Detoxifying Treatment with: Ozone Therapy, Liver Detox Infusion, Colon Hydrotherapy.

Boosting Therapy with: Vitamin Megadose, EECP.

Immune and Detoxification Targeted Cell Factors.

Day 3

Discuss assessment report findings with doctor.

Repeat detox and boosting program.

Customize organ cell factors based on medical report findings to boost organ functions.

ESC cell factors for total cell stimulation and regeneration.

Day 4

Health monitoring and home care advice from doctor.

Follow up home care supplements for 6 months maintenance.

The end of your 4D3N V Wellness Rejuvenation programme.


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