Your Gut is Your Second Brain (Why Colon Hydrotherapy)

Follow your gut. It’s a popular phrase in society, and for good reason. For the purpose of this article, we’d like to tweak it to ‘follow the health of your gut’. Gut health is pretty important. It’s the foundation for a number of other organs in your body being in tip-top shape and performing effectively. 

Simply speaking, your gut health is how well balanced the microbes in your gut are. It is very crucial to maintain a balance, as it has an impact on your overall health. Gut health is also called Gut Microbiome. The microbiomes in your gut help proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. 

The Importance of Your Gut Health

Any imbalance in your gut microbiome can result in serious issues, such as causing carcinoma and diabetes. A recent study discovered this. 

A healthy gut equals healthy bacteria and immune cells. Once your gut health is on top, no harmful bacteria, virus or fungi can get in. Also, a healthy gut is one that communicates well with the brain through the nerves and hormones. This leads to good health and well being. 

When Do You Need a Colon Hydrotherapy?

A colon hydrotherapy, also called a colonic irrigation, is the gentle and calculated rinsing of the colon with large amounts of warm water, in order to remove gas, mucus, fecal matter, etc. This will help you feel a lot better and healthier. It can be said to be a watery detoxification of the colon, and it is very relaxing and effective at clearing out unwanted waste matter in the colon. 

You should seriously consider a colon hydrotherapy if you have any of the symptoms in the below list consistently. You should also do colon hydrotherapy now if you have over three of the health issues consistently.

  1. Body odor
  2. Constipation
  3. Diarrhoea
  4. Bad immunity
  5. Chronic acne and other chronic skin issues
  6. Indigestion

What to Expect in a Colon Hydrotherapy Session

A colon hydrotherapy with us will usually take around 45 minutes, and at V-Wellness, the following steps will be followed; 

  • We will conduct a brief rectal exam to ascertain the overall condition of the rectum.
  • A tool called a speculum will be inserted 1 and a half inches into the rectum. The speculum will then have an inlet and outlet tube attached to it to ensure there is no odor of leakages. 
  • Filtered water will be introduced into the rectum in a carefully controlled manner.
  • Gentle abdominal massaging then takes place to help remove the waste and gas in the colon.

The Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy has a number of benefits, and they are listed below; 

  1. A feeling of being lighter and more mentally focused.
  2. A vast improvement in your mental outlook
  3. A reduction in the risk of colon cancer
  4. An improval of the efficiency of the immune system

A study found that 96% of patients treated with colon hydrotherapy had their colons cleaned properly and rid of encrusted fecal matter. The study also showed a high level of tolerance in the patients with regards to the procedure, showing just how safe the procedure is.

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