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We believe in this fundamental signature four-paradigm steps –
Assessment, Detox, Boosting and Rejuvenation.

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Each step covers key principles in the Swiss and German art of holistic healing and restoration towards optimum health





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Dato' Dr Nor Shahidah

V Wellness Medical Director

Prof Dr. Harry Yeo

Medical Consultant

Dr. Cheah Mern

Bachelor of medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Dr. Pamela Tay

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MBBS (University Malaya)

Dr. Yeinice Goh

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Winner of 2018, 2019 & 2020

Best Holistic Service Provider in Asia Pacific Region

Assessment | Detox | Boosting | Rejuvenation

A Healthier Today For A Better Tomorrow

Living in this modern and high-paced society, many people are highly stressed and unknowingly have irregular living and dietary habits, poor sleep quality and are living in a polluted environment. While the effects of these negative factors may not be obvious externally, free radical damage is occurring at an accelerated rate inside our body. As a result, many are succumb to life-threatening disease, such as stroke, heart attack and diabetes.


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Dato’ Dr Nor Shahidah

Medical Advisor & Visiting Doctor

Group Medical Director



Medical Specialties:

Prof Dr. Harry Yeo

Primary Consultant

Senior Consultant Physician & Onco-Immunologist

Dr. Cheah Mern

(MMC NO:77402)

Bachelor of medicine and
Bachelor of Surgery

Medical Specialties :

Dr. Pamela Tay

(MMC No: 45619)

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery,
MBBS (University Malaya)

Medical Specialties :

Dr. Yeinice Goh

(MMC No: 97764)

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Medical Specialties :