Dried Layer Blood Encryption

Screening tool that involves pricking the tip of your finger and a single drop of blood.


Dried layer blood analysis is a screening tool that involves pricking the tip of your finger and a single drop of blood from the fingertip is dabbed on a microscope slide in a series of 6 layers. The dried blood pattern provides insights on the imbalances present in the organs and systems of the human body. From the result one can find look into if they are any inflammations, free radicals, traces of heavy metals, Vitamin C deficiency and many more.

Originated from Europe in the 1920’s and used by medical practitioners and natural therapies in Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, and Scandinavia. Blood morphology is an interesting indicator of health and free radical activity (oxidative stress). Reading the dry layer of blood is like reading an ink blot. Under the microscope, the dried blood profile of a healthy person will be uniform in coagulation and tightly connected. Meanwhile, it is disconnected with puddles (known as polymerized protein puddles) in individuals with health problems and excessive free radical activity. Excessive levels of free radical activity are associated with degenerative diseases such as disease, arthritis and cataracts.

The test indicates the presence of:

Live & Dry Blood Test

The Live & Dry Blood test can tell you what condition your red and white blood cells are in, along with B12 levels, Yeast levels, Dental Bacteria, Anaemia, Inflammation, Oxidation, Liver function, Colon Toxicity, Parasites, Hormone irregularity, Thyroid imbalance plus so much more.

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